CW175 Curtain Wall System

Aluminium Curtain Wall – 175mm Structurally Glazed System

The CW175 Curtain Wall suite has been designed as a logical progression from the CW150 Curtain Wall suite. While both products are targeted at small to mid-sized curtain wall projects, the CW175 offers a higher structural performance, greater allowance for building and slab movement and the flexibility to have a full structurally glazed curtain wall.

The CW175 is targeted at projects where large expanses of glass or high wind loads are demanded. While also intended for buildings up to a nominal 10 stories high, due to its superior design it may be used on higher projects depending upon wind loads.

Key features of all Capral products is the technical expertise, thorough testing and system approach to design, the CW175 is no exception having undergone a rigorous AS4284 testing regime.

Other key features include the integration of sun shading directly into the Curtain Wall system without sacrificing structural or water performance, full structural glazing with the ability to install aesthetic external beads and a corner mullion solution.

Features & Benefits

  • 175mm x 80mm frame
  • Structural glazed system gives the appearance of a frameless glass facade with optional cover beads to add vertical or horizontal aluminium strips
  • Double glazed as standard with single glazed and spandrel options
  • Sun shade bracket system allows the fixing of shading products to the frame without sacrificing structural or water performance
  • Proprietary mullion and building brackets provide a fully tested system
  • 90° corner mullion allows glazing and shade system to run around corner of building
  • Designed and tested as a wet glazed panellised system to AS4284.

Additional Product Information