Futureline thermally broken window framing

Futureline 54W Awning/Casement Window

Thermally Broken Aluminium Awning/Casement Window

Designed to complement the excellent thermal performance of the Futureline 440TB framing system, the Futureline 54W Awning and Casement window system offers a stylish and functional operable window option.

The 54mm sash profile incorporates a pair of high performance thermal breaks to efficiently minimise heat transfer, while internal and external weather seals combined with an overlapping frame design offer a high level of weather-tightness.

The Futureline 54W window features the option of fully integrated screening and the flexibility of either sash handles or sash operator options. Robust sash construction and corner strength is assured with the use of high quality European corner clamping components.

The environmental credentials of the Futureline range extend beyond its excellent thermal design performance – the actual metal itself being formed from Ecometal™ incorporating up to 25% recycled metal content and sourced from smelters using hydro-electric energy sources.

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding ‘Uw’ values down to 2.7
  • Overlapping external sash design
  • Crisp, clean square profiles
  • Mitred corner construction with high quality hardware
  • Made from Ecometal™

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